It’s Been A While…

HEY HEY Readers!

Wow… it’s been almost 3 months since I last did a post on here – eeekkkk!!!! Have you missed me?!?! What’s been happening munchkins? There is so much to catch-up on!

Now if this is your first time reading my dribble (I mean fabulous blog writing material – you will soon start to see that my style of writing is pretty much how I would speak to someone, I banter, go on rants and raves, make up words, quote movies, hashtag (ALOT #wordofwarning) and share the whole truth nothing but the truth … #yaddayaddayadda (-> see I told you! :p ) WELCOME!! Now just a heads up, if you can’t stand things not making sense, bad spelling, jumping all over the place and well extremely bad grammar etc, then this won’t be the reading material for you… However I dare you to carry on reading this #iknowyouwanttoo #goontakethechallenge #idoubledareyou


So much has been going on and changing in my life lately which has kept me a busy little bee and out of trouble (well, ummm most of the time, besides ‘a little party never killed nobody’ #heyfergie )

Looking back over the last 6 months and oh-my-goodness there has been so many changes for yours truly.. A new job (which is beyond amazing like … WOW! Loving myself sick), settling into my Sex In The City lifestyle (I must say – I’m adapting to it rather well indeed, I have been able to be Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha – but for the record, I have never EVER been Miranda #neededtoclarify), uni life, meeting new people and making new friends (yehhhh I’m on Tinder … #nofurthercomment ), whilst being single (hence Tinder) and discovering me … WHICH HAS BEEN AWESOME and really a bit of a rollercoaster within itself! Not to forgot, I GOT BANGS!!!!


So that’s my little (or not so little) catchup about ME ME personally – but now lets talk more about ME (:P) only in regards to my BLOG BLOG content…

Now at the start of the year I blogged how I wanted more … More being ‘ABS & ASS’ (JessE-B 2014 Goals), well I’m going to be completely honest, I have completely nailed the ‘ASS’ bit … and well the ‘MORE’ bit, which was really taken to an entire new level for me… So the bulking and cutting cycle didn’t go to plan, to then add in a lot of partying saw my weight that I gained during bulking stay… and then some #sonotcool … I was at my heaviest about 4 weeks ago which saw me at 17kg heavier than my ideal weight which I was bringing in the New Year (and yes I’m referring to 2014 #awkward).


After being disappointed and sticking to my cutting phase for about 8 weeks, I threw in the towel after seeing the scales only going up despite reducing my macros and monitoring them like a hawke ( ‘You’re going the wrong way! You’re going to kill somebody!’ Planes, Trains & Automobiles ) —> OK so my quote may be slightly dramatic but for me that’s how it felt… So I decided I needed a break from the training and fooding (yes fooding – I don’t like the D work *Dieting*) as not seeing changes on top of starting a new job meant I needed to change my priorities for a little while as I was getting so worked up on my training and fooding it wasn’t healthy, and well I really wanted (and still want to) ACE my new job. So yeh – safe to say the Paleo Diet didn’t go well haha – well It did for like 13days. I just needed to step away to refocus, have a rest and give myself a little recovery time as I was turning into #myownworstenemy…


So I have rested, recovered and am fully focused on my game plan, goals, where I’m going to be etc etc – so stay tuned for my next post (which will be up shortly) where I will fill you in on my game plan and goals (which will make me accountable) but really in a nut shell my mission is simple …

Bring back…


Ramble again soon,

JessE-B xx


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