Roses Are Red, The Hulk Is Green. I’m Putting On Weight, So I Can Be Lean

You’re a girl, why are you bulking? You’re purposely getting ‘fat’? Why do you want muscle? Do you want to be like the hulk?

There appears to be confusion about what people think I want from my body… Well green has never really been my colour and well I doubt there is enough steroids to even get me to the ‘HULK’ level 😛


I have been asked several times about how much ‘muscles’ I want and if I’m aiming for the ‘HULK’ as I’m taking my training and fooding rather seriously. Well I have sacrificed my body, I mean I have put on 8kgs – voluntarily (what was I thinking?) and obviously I want it gone so I can see results and go back to my normal fun size – just with bigger muscles 😉 …  I know its not the same angle as at this point I can’t even bring myself to looking at my actual progress photos as they make me feel so uncomfortable but these pics were taken 8 weeks apart… You can see in my legs, hips and my tummy is where the weight is noticeable.



So yes, not feeling like a HULK at all, more like a WHALE 😦 …

Now, perhaps I’m slightly guilty of the Hulk association as I have named my breaky smoothie the ‘Lady-Hulk’ as its green and pink (I mean perfect name right!) and referring to gym time as getting my ‘HULK’ on, but in all seriously I’m not going to end up all muscular like the hulk or in my case it would be a lady hulk for goodness sake.


Why do people automatically assume that just because a girl lifts weights at the gym and tracks her nutrition she is going to end up ‘hella-flush’, shredded-as, hulk like or beasty … I mean even the previous guy I was with was like ‘no you don’t want muscles’– well pretty sure I know what I want (clearly it wasn’t him as he is gone (… and another one bites the dust ♫ )) cos when it comes to my body, for now I call the shots before I lose to gravity and child bearing (here is to hoping my body takes to the whole baby scene like my freak-of-nature-wonder-woman mummy) therefore I will do what I want to do to feel good and well … I WANT MUSCLES.


But I am seeing a trend – friends who actually go to a gym understand where I’m coming from, it’s more those who aren’t exposed to that environment. So for you lot … if you actually went to a gym and saw the girls who train 3-5 times a week (and I’m talking real training – as in lifting weights: Squats, Bench, Dead Lifts etc) you wouldn’t even see them as muscular ‘lady hulks’ … you will be too distracted by their squat worthy behinds and killer bodies in general, like seriously, RESPECT to those ladies! Furthermore, I’m just going to completely put it out there (and go on a slight rant), a girl who trains posses many qualities that a guy would be damn lucky to land (and you are probably sitting there thinking “seriously are you really going to go there?” and you –betch-ya I AM)… Girls who gym posses many admirable traits: determination, dedication, are disciplined, understand time management and are self-motivating.


Now back to me… As the title states, I want to be lean. Now just to clarify whilst I’m here as what I deem to be lean as I know people have different interpretation. To me, you need some muscle to look lean, lean is not skinny and trust me there is a difference… Lean to me is someone who has defined muscles, muscles that are visible and that’s what I want, as in to have strength, body shapeage (yes I’m making up words) and well to just feel comfortable with my body. I want to be lean and strong … naturally and I understand the requirements and focus I need to get me there, and I will. But at the end of the day please remember it is my body to do with as I please… Some get inked up, others pierce themselves shut… I just want to look good naked and too me good looking is a healthy girl who is lean and strong. So now we play the waiting game, which consists of me being disciplined with fooding and drinking [no alcoholic beverages for this chickie] and well alot of bloody, sweat and tears, afterall..

 You have to sweat like a pig

& work like a horse

if you want to look like a fox


Currently a work in process, but I will get there, just a matter of stay focused and on-track, muscles come at me!

JessE-B xx



5 responses to “Roses Are Red, The Hulk Is Green. I’m Putting On Weight, So I Can Be Lean

  1. This was amazing! Read the whole thing from beginning to end! Loved it! Muscles are bliss! Finally someone understands this! Keep at it! 🙂

  2. We could be friends.
    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I train hard 5 days a week with 1 day of easy exercise (walking/jogging with my dog or biking) and 1 total rest day. People think I’m obsessed. Not obsessed. I just know what I want and I’m committed. Who wouldn’t want to be lean and strong and beach-ready at all times??

  3. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such magnificent info being shared freely out there.

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