About JessE-B Blog

Hey There!

I’m JessE-B, a single 24 year old health conscious City girl from Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) who enjoys healthy eating and living an active lifestyle.

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My friends and family refer to me as a busy bee and I’m often asked about how I make time to be active and eat healthy.

So ‘Walla’ here is my blog all about me and my healthy eating and active lifestyle. I will show you how I make time, the sacrifices and swaps I make to maintain a healthy and active happy me whilst still enjoying life!

Please leave me your feedback, experiences and comments as I want to hear from you so we can all share our healthy and active lifestyles! I promise to reply.

Follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page where I will post more pictures about my thoughts, progress, ideas, opinions and really anything I think is news worthy.


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16 responses to “About JessE-B Blog

  1. Hi Jesse, great blog, you look great! Thanks for visiting mine, I’m really into fitness, despite my blog being mostly food, so will stop by here often for tips!

  2. Hey! Great blog! Thanks for visiting mine as well. Looks like we have lot in common. I look forward to following more!

  3. Hi

    I couldn’t find a contact button so thought I would leave a comment instead. I wondered whether you might be interested in becoming a contributor for the Wild Woman Community (www.wildwomancommunity.wordpress.com). If you are interested and would like further information, you can contact me through the contact us form 🙂 I hope you hear from you, Samantha

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