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Thank-you so much for taking the time to stop by my little page, particularly this one which is dedicated entirely to ME! I love air time.

So you want to know more about me hey? You nosey little thing… We are going to get on great!

Be You

Well if you don’t know who I am by now (I really should quit my day job) I’m JessE-B.



I’m a 24 year old, full time worker, part time studier, over committer, jabber jaws, eldest sister to six (yes, I am a girl – like the jabber jaws comment didn’t give that away) and a health conscious single Brizzy City girl who enjoys healthy eating and living an active lifestyle.


I am a Marketing Extraordinaire by day & a Master ‘to-be’ by night (… or slave to the textbooks – I’m currently chipping away at my Masters in Marketing). I attend Griffith University (REPRESENT!) and at uni  I am an active student leader for the Griffith Business Students Association (GBSA) where I have made some incredible friends!


GBSA 2012 Executive Team (Georgia, Samantha, Amelia, Alyce &  Yours Truly)

I’m a social thing, honestly any excuse to have a party and friends over – so far this year I have hosted a house warming, 4 birthday parties (for yours truly alone!) plus another 3 (for the bestie, my housemate and my dear friend Patricia’s – who has since left me and gone back to Switerland (still dirty at her for that!)), 2 Tupperware parties, a Lorraine Lee Party, a Fashion Evening Night,  2 Party Lite Parties, and well they are just the Face Book official events 😉 I obviously pay a great friendship rate!


My Gorgeous Girls Helping Me Celebrate My 23rd Birthday

I am the eldest sister to six amazing siblings: Thomas (22), Jack (18), Millie (13), Poppy-Rose (9), Lola (6) and Will (3). We all share a wonder-mom and super-dad who keep us all in line, with clean clothes and full bellies. There is never a dull moment and it’s only generally quiet when it’s feeding time (at the zoo) or bed time! They are all extremely supportive and quirky in their own unique ways. It still gets me how we can all be so different yet so the same.


My Parents & I At My Graduation Ceremony For My Bachelor Of Business, Double Major In Management & Marketing

So where does my health conscious self fit into all this – well EVERYWHERE! I enjoy making healthy choices and living an active lifestyle. I have some beautiful friends who also live with my health conscious philosophy who are always up for a gym session, to be a running buddy, recipe swapping, health cooking date and even those willing to sign a death waver and become a TOUGH MUDDER with me.


I believe a healthier you, is a happier you. Everyone has a different opinion to what healthy is and what it means to them. I’m only human, I love cake and all those deadily sweet things. I make choices, I have my good days and bad. Like everything, it’s all about your CHOICES. I have only recently gotten into a pattern this year which I think works for me, just need to be persistent with it and continue working on being the best person I can be… not to mention … A TOUGH MUDDER BABY!!

Tough Mudder

JessE-B xx

25 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Jesse,
    Thanks for visiting and liking my blog, I really appreciate it.
    I’ll be adding a power food section to it in the next few weeks that will have very simple smoothie and fresh juice recipes that not only boost the immune system but detox at the same time.

  2. Hi Jesse, thank you for liking my blog post!! I totally agree with your daily healthy philosophy as it helps keeping high mitivation, a strong smiling attitude towards live and a winning spirit, always. Me as well I have my good and bad day but the most important thing is to keep pushing!!
    I’m planning to increase also the part about advertising and brand, proably some of them will be translated in english as well. I hope you’ll enjoy them as well!!

  3. Hi Jesse. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is nice to see a fellow Queenslander blogging away. You are hilarious, positive and fun! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

    • Why thankyou lovely! Haha I do try & mix it up. I like my posts to be as if i was speaking to my ‘readers’ in person 🙂 Great to hear someone else finds me hilarious besides me haha .. Us queensland babes need to stick together 🙂 Ditto. Thanks for stopping by x

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  5. Hey im starting up a my own business in springfield based around health and nutritional products and is promoted through network marekting. Think it i something you can be highly succesful in cause of your background! Email me on danramirez1812@gmail.com if you want to learn some more about it. Hope to hear back from you!

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  7. I love this post that tells about you loving to work out & make yourself into the “Hulk”. Ha! Ha! I believe in those who become & look better than just sitting around as a couch potato.

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