New Year, New City


Yes I’m a tad late with this post, but in my defense I have always been a fan of dragging a party out 😉

So whats the GOSS?!?! Everyone bring in the New Year with Whistles & Bangs?


I attended an 80’s Themed Cocktail Party on New Year’s Eve (which explains our ‘get-up’ below – ohhhh the costumes!) at the Plough Inn with some of my Besties: Courtney, Pete & Tim.


Well it has been a while – the last few months of twenty13 saw a lot of much needed change for me …  I think in order to move forward, it’s important to reflect and what better time than at the start of a fresh year (OK yes you caught me, normally I like to review at the end of the year so I’m organised for the following but literally the last month or so has just flown by so quickly and I don’t know where it went – all I know is I’m back at work sitting at my desk and really don’t want to be! haha)… Back to my point before I went all ranty-rant on you … (sorry, but you should all know how I work by now – this will be all over the place haha) this allows us to analyse what worked, what didn’t work, where did we go all ‘ehhhh’ and well where we need to push ourselves so we can be where we want to be – or better yet … Do you still want those things for the next year/current year … You get my point.

AND yes I know your probably all over the NEW YEAR NEW ME ‘dribbles’, but to be fair to my friends I didn’t post anything on FB or Insta so you can tune in and well you should love me so you can suck it up!! You never know I may even talk about you in here … so now you have to read it as I will be quizzing you all 😉 ha! But I promise you won’t be hearing that from me – the NEW YEAR NEW ME spiel… I don’t want new … I want BETTER – I’m thinking ABS and a spank worthy Ass (hmm am I even allowed to say that word on here … ASS ASS ASS ASS? … Hmm apparently so!). So yes at this point my ‘BETTER ME’ may seem slightly vain but I’m sure as I continue writing I will be able to come up with something that doesn’t make me seem so shallow, but seriously who would say no to Abs and Ass?


So my Twenty13 in review …I moved out of home at the start of the year to a place in Heritage Park (Logan) with Kurt and Rusty (my gorgeous White German Shepherd puppy-dog). After 6 years of being together we decided to go our separate ways a little while ago so we were still roomies and had Plumby move in (who only in my last week of living with the boys decides to showcase his amazing pancake skills – which were AWESOME!! Why did you hold out on me Nic! Haha slacker). Anyway it took me a little while to figure out my next move but I got there in the end and moved close to the city (which meant I had to say goodbye to Rusty #missinghimalot) where I am now renting a 1 bedroom apartment near West End (my life is very much turning into Sex In The City – I like to think with better fashion taste and hair tho … I have views and I’m LOVING my new lifestyle. I am even starting to be on first name basis with a few of the cabbies, and waitress staff at Chop Chop Chang’s and at Kafe Meze #wineanddinebaby #yehthisgirlknowshowtohaveagoodtime

Now this brings me to the wine (there has been alot) and dine, I have been a little naughty (okay fine, alot) lately as obviously when you move to a new area you have to check out all the places so you can find your favs and well THERE ARE SO MANY PLACES AT WEST END AND IN SOUTH BANK. OKAY and then there was Christmas / New Year. But this is going to be an issue that needs addressing – the wine and dinning (so if I still have your attention in a few paragraphs I shall show you how I plan on keeping up my wining and dining whilst still being ‘healthy’ and ‘active’ (Yes it’s possible – I will even prove it to you… I hope!). Side note: The awkward moment as whilst I wrote the last sentence I was eating chocolate (#lostcause #thereishope #itsallaboutbeingdisciplined #itsokiwillrunitoff #atleastimhonest).

Now I’m sure after knowing I just had chocolate your all going to have a field day with the following statement – Haha! … Twenty13 was probably the most dedicated I have been in years to being active and eating healthy overall. Yes I have had my ups and downs (even whilst writing this haha) along the way (I am human) over all I’m pretty happy. Yes, even tho my girly-abs (all of two dints) are disappearing (NOOOOOOO – I have finally found a gym so shall try it out for 3months and see how it goes – siging up tomorrow #whoppwhopp #absandasscomeatme ), but really who cares cos I did Tough Mudder (conquering my fear of Heights, Electricity, the Dark, Mud and well tiny spaces whilst also discovering a fear for ICE BATHS – every time there is ice in a drink I still cringe) and finished it ‘LIKE-A-BOSS’ after doing all the activities. My body shape has been better than previous years with me actually starting to be able to buy online and almost always be the same size (YAY!!!) and I honestly believe my fooding has played the biggest part in this as this year I experimented alot more with my nutrition. I did ‘iifym’ approach and found this worked great for me – until I got a tad I guess ‘cocky’ with it and would in the morning try and hit my protein intake for the day and then enjoy eating whatever I liked with my remaining cals. I also have played around with ‘clean eating’ and following the amazing Sophie Guidolin with her amazing recipes – now whilst I don’t think this is an ideal philosophy for me at this point in time I still enjoy following her and love her cook book – if you don’t have one ladies you need to get on it, you won’t regret it … TRUST ME!

I also enjoyed being active with my beautiful girls during Twenty13– whether runs along the beach, gym sessions, TOUGH MUDDER, Neon Run, going to the farmers markets, cooking up healthy treats etc etc I have been so blessed to share this journey with some of my very close friends.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Also, I commenced my blog (yes well dahhhhhh – let’s hear a shout out for JESSE-B #whoopwhoop) in the later part of Twenty13 and WOW what fun it has been, through the rants, raves, giggles, highs and lows thank-you to everyone who took time to read, comment, like, share etc etc YOU ARE AMAZING!! And I’m so touched that you all find time in your busy lives to tune in and see what I have to say even tho I’m not ‘QUALIFIED’ haha … But on a serious note, thank-you. I have met some truly fabulous people on here too from all over the world sharing a common interest for wanting to be healthy happy and active. I have enjoyed reading your blogs, sharing our stories and even becoming email buddies and Facebook friends, it’s very special and I cherish our chit-chats. I love how I have been able to share our journeys together and am looking forward to more this year in TWENTY14.

So out of all of this ultimately being ‘HEALTHY’ ‘HAPPY’ and ‘ACTIVE’ is a lifestyle choice – and in life many things aren’t equal BUT everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make time for what we truly want. For this to happen it takes the DoubleD&C’s – Determination, Dedication, Commitment and Consistency.


So in twenty14 what I’m hoping going to be doing and achieving is taking it up to a whole new level with my fitness. I want more – Yes ABS & ASS are totally acceptable. I know I have the ability to step it up and you know what, I’m going to – I want a WOW body and understand sacrifices will need to be made (putting the chocolate down now… well let me just finish the bar then no more). I’m not going to be basing this off being a size X or weighing Y as whilst I believe this is a great start for those who are starting from scratch you can only get so far and well – MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT #justsaying … So I’m not going to let scales into my apartment as I do get fixated on things (yes I can be that competitive with myself) and have often found myself wanting to be lighter – #myownworstenemy but you know what skinny fat isn’t healthy either so let’s get this on track…  So to get me to my ABs, Ass & WOW body it will take the DoubleD&C’s not only at the ‘GYM’  but in the ‘KITCHEN’. So let’s look quickly at these two areas and how this is gonna work…


I will do 3 x weight sessions each week

I will go on 4 runs each week


At the end of the day I love my 3 C’s – Chocolate, Champagne and Cake (so you could call these my no-negotiables haha) but I understand that importance of nutrition so have decided I will make healthier options and will track this by going back to tracking my ‘foodings’ through following the IIFYM theory (which I have previously discussed but will probably re highlight in the next week or so) aiming for hitting my protein range and keeping the carbs down low. In order to ensure this works I will need to be disciplined when it comes to meal prep so this weekend I will be spending time getting myself sorted. After all, fail to plan and you plan to fail.

So that’s where I’m at with life to date…

Twenty14 is proving to be fantastic so far – still settling into my awesome apartment and exploring what the ‘city-life’ has to offer. I’m loving wondering through South Bank and West End, going to my spot that overlooks the entire city and runs with a pretty view and catching up seeing my wonderful friends and family. I’m looking forward to seeing where Twenty14 leads me; I will be continuing working full-time, chipping away at my Masters in Marketing part-time and hopefully blogging more frequently. OKAY that was to WISHY-WASHY … I will blog more frequently, at least twice a week – see now I’m making myself accountable.




Well I think it’s time I wrap up, pretty sure I have brought you all up to speed with where I’m at and what’s my game plan for Twenty14. So what’s you game plan for Twenty14 people?!?!?

JessE-B  x


P.S. Thank-you for reading!

5 responses to “New Year, New City

  1. If only you lived closer to me…. you could kick my arse in the gym babe! But Yay for all new things for 2014. 🙂 Catch up soon!

  2. You are too funny! Bish it’s your blog, say what you want 🙂 I am so excited to start a new year with you! I believe your abs and ass goals are completely appropriate and are somewhat inline with mine. Here’s to progress!

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