Mirror Mirror On The Wall …

Not going to lie, I look at myself in the mirror when I train and I know I’m not alone, we all love to look and do the occasional check-our-self out smiles and sneaky salfies in the gym mirrors whilst we train (hey there good looking!!)… I mean at the end of the day, those generally who train are vain and in no way is that a bad thing… As a dear friend of mine puts it: vanity is just having pride in ones own achievements (Shout out to Lusty – http://instagram.com/lustybrahh who is pretty epic so check him out!).


Now where was I, oh that’s right … There is nothing wrong with vanity. And well you know what, sometimes someone has to be checking you out and why can’t it be you, gotta appreciate the goods right? 😉 … Jokes aside though, the mirrors serve a very functional purpose when training as they allow us to monitor our technique – are we lifting even, are we isolating the muscle correctly and training it both effectively and safely (not to mention they also greatly assist with checking people out :p #canbehandy).


Personally when I’m doing my sets in front of a mirror in no way are the expressions on my face anything I want to be checking out, I mean I often end up biting my lips so it doesn’t twitch… But when you catch that cute guy checking you out through the mirror you can help but get into ‘I’m Sexy & I Know It Mode’ … not to mention it’s a great motivator to finish off those last reps in your final set which otherwise you would be highly considering giving up on.

photo 1b

Now this does lead me to a pet hate … WHEN SOMEONE STANDS INFRONT OF ME IN THE MIRROR… Like not cool especially when I’m in front of the mirror to ensure my form is okay and you had plenty of other places in the room you could stand with mirror viewings (like if you’re going to stand in front of me please at least have something decent going on for me to stare at 😛 … Yes Jazz, like Mr Muscles – it’s a real shame he is gym etiquette).


So people make sure you are conscious of other people training around you who may need to use the mirror for more than mere vanity… && whilst I have you here, what are some of you gym pet hates? I want to hear from you!


JessE-B xx

[ i actually don’t have a GYM GYM selfie, so guess who has a mission this evening … stay tuned]



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