Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned..

I have recently gone down a path which for me personally is a big deal. For those who know me well, I am someone who struggles with my body image (typical girl right) and as a result I do consider myself to work hard to stay happy with my body by keeping active and watching what I eat (but we all know I’m the biggest sweet tooth and I’m fine with that, just all in moderation right?). Anyway the journey I have gone on does take a lot of determination (well maybe not so much for the last 6 weeks, as stuffing my face has been rather fun – whilst ensuring my gym sessions are based around me upping my weights and putting in quality sessions) but for this to be successful it is now the ultimate crunch time which requires me to be very disciplined with my food intake (goodbye sweets!) and training. Yes you may have guessed it; I am in the midst of a bulking and cutting cycle.

Why? You may ask, well I was curious to how it works as I have had a few mates who have done the whole bulking then cutting thing and I guess it has always interested me in seeing their transformations. Now I’m not being sexist (haha, funny whenever you say you’re not, the following thing will normally be contradicting the previous statement) but bulking and cutting is more seen as the male thing to do. I mean yeh, girls who are doing the whole body building and fitness model scene would do it to some degree, but it’s not really the norm for an everyday girl to try and do… Like, how many girls are willing to put on weight and sacrifice their short-term self image for the sake of ending up with generally a larger yet better-defined physique? Well yes, curiosity got the better of me and well I’m half way through, and have commenced cutting as of this week.

Now yes coming out of the ‘BULKING’ stage has seen me put on weight and I’m not just talking a couple of kilos, I’m talking a fair few (but I shall do stats next post, keep you all in suspense and wait till im out of denial about my weight!!) but as a result I’m definitely more bootylicious and ‘fuller’ than normal. Many of my friends say that they can’t see that I have gone up as much as I have, but trust me – I can believe it, I KNOW IT’S THERE, I CAN SEE IT, I CAN FEEL IT, trust me, it’s definitely there… lol! Now this blog post isn’t about my journey as such (I’m sure there will be many more posts in coming week about my journey) but more the acceptance and support (or lack of – FATHER!) from family and friends around me… And I’m going to be bold, DAD! Who just over a week ago I had a ‘chat’ with me… oh well who we kidding was more of a lecture than anything else which has left me so ARGHHHHH …

According to my father I had gone from being too skinny, to too chubby and chunky and well to last week starting to get too muscleeee and was consuming way to much protein… Well I wasn’t about to let these comments slide… For those that know my father and I, we can both get rather stubborn and competitive (okay, massively) wanting to be right (but unlike him I can actually admit when I’m wrong – WHICH ISNT THIS TIME DAD), so I went and visited a nutritionist… and guess what … I’M GOING FINE & my protein levels are great, I’m fuelling my body with the right foods and my body is able to bounce back and recover quickly thanks to this…

So dad, if you do actually read my ‘dribble’ which you claim too, well then you should know I’m awaiting that apology… Furthermore, I’m leaving you with a quote from one of my all time favourite movies (which you have heard a million times …

“I don’t need y’all to approve my choices alright, but I do ask that you respect them” The Blind Side.

Rant Over.

I hope all is going well Readers.

JessE-B xx

P.S. Love you lots Dad, even if you are out-right-bloody-frustrating, stubborn and just overly opinionated.
P.S.S. I suggest you keep future ‘weight’ comments to yourself otherwise the Bryant girls coming through the chain will kill you (remember the odds won’t be in your favour :p).

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