Fire & Ice … And We Are Looking Nice

Heads up readers – this post is a little off topic from the normal ‘Healthy’ and ‘Active’ posts … This one is all about the ‘HAPPY’ and includes some of the pretty amazing people I am lucky to have in my life, my uni friends & GBSA crew! So sit back and enjoy the ‘flashes’ of my Friday evening with some pretty awesome people …

On Friday the 25th of October was the 4th Annual GBSA End of Year Ball and oh my goodness what a night!

This year’s theme was Fire & Ice and the event was held at the Landing at Dockside and was our biggest ball yet with over 250 attendees, which was rather exciting!

It was a fabulous evening and I always enjoy partying with my university friends. We go through so many highs and lows with normal uni experiences so being able to be carefree with these kids is always FUN… On that note I would like to do a quick shout out too Alyce, Amelia, Georgia and Sam for being so awesome and amazing. You all looked so gorgeous!

Fire and Ice

GBSA Nathan Executive Girls Crew – Fire & Ice Ball 2013

Masquerade Ball

GBSA Nathan Executive Girls Crew – Masquerade Ball 2012

And a personal thank-you to Miss Georgia for keeping our glasses full all evening, I have you to thank for the lovely hangover Saturday morning? 😉 haha 


JessE-B, Georgia (Our personal drink-filler) & Amelia

Also to my fellow ‘twin’ and the ‘pimp’ aka Sarah and Zane thanks for being such great company and car pooling company. We scrubbed up well, that’s for sure! 

So my lovely readers, this post is pretty brief writing wise – I think the pictures can speak for themselves. So enjoy the happy snaps below


‘TWINS’ – Sarah & I xx


GBSA 2013 Executive Team


The 2013 GBSA Team – What A Good Looking Bunch!


My Beautiful Amelia – Such A Stunner! x

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