Another Day In The Kitchen – Cooking Up A Storm

15 Sweet Potato Muffins, 12 Cherry Ripe Raw Balls, 9 JessE-B Raw Nutty Balls, a Quiche and Raw Chocolate & Oat Bars later, and I have officially organised my snacks for the week.

photo (16)

After all, it’s all about the meal prep… If you fail to plan you plan to fail – and well those who know me well, I don’t like failing or losing for that matter – I’m rather competitive, seriously I’m my own worst enemy at times haha).

So after spending a couple of hours in the kitchen, like I do each weekend ( #WIFEME #ICANCOOK #CURRENTLYGOINGTHROUGHARAWSTAGE ) I have ended up with 5 sources of yummy snacks and have already had compliments on all with numerous peeps wanting the recipes, and as I aim to please I will be sharing the recipes over the next few days – so stay tuned!!

I hope you all had /having a wonderful weekend. And for all you meal prepers and cooks, I want to know what you made this weekend?

JessE-B xx


9 responses to “Another Day In The Kitchen – Cooking Up A Storm

  1. I can say with authourity, (as I was lucky enough to sample these tasty little morsels), never thought eating healthy could taste sooo good.
    Thanks Jesse-B and I am awaiting the recipe. Yum.

      • I made rib eye tonight for two meals for this week. I need to make mixed veggies for side dishes. I’m thinking another paelo banana bread loaf, paleo french toast, strawberry banana smoothie mixes for grab and throw in the blender. I’m going to find something new too. The race went well, I wrote a post about it. I ran it in about 34 minutes. It’s not times, but I have a playlist I run too so I was able to figure it out. That’s 4 minutes faster than I had been running it!

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