So I’m in my 6th week since I embarked on the cutting phase of my bulking and cutting journey and well things aren’t going as planned and I’m definitely not loving every single part of my body…

Since commencing my ‘cutting’ phase I have put on an additional 2kgs which like isn’t suppose to happen (and yes I get the whole muscle weighs more than fat thing but I most certainly haven’t put on remotely close to that much muscle as indicated by my jigglings) and I’m at a complete lost as to why this has occurred as in my honest opinion my training and fooding is on track and rather solid. Yes I have allowed a few ‘naughties’ here and there but generally they align with my macros…


Now cos I know you all love numbers, my last weeks (week 5) which saw me at officially being 10kgs heavier than when I first started on my ‘bulking (aiming to hit between 2100-2200 cals) and cutting (approx 1500) cycle… Now I’m sure you can all relate when you’re working your butt off for whatever reason and you don’t see the results you wanted, you do get down in the dumps and have a moment or two (or gazillion in my case). I guess I’m a person who likes to have control. At the moment I have alot going on around me which I don’t have control over and normally when this happens I feel like I can control my body, where at the moment I can’t and I don’t like it at all.

images (2)

I have found myself having lots of the why on earth did I do this, I was better before… Like most girls, even when I have been at my ‘best’ I have had body doubts. The thing that’s really getting to me now is that I have never been stronger or more dedicated or disciplined to my training and fooding… So by week 5 I expected by now to be starting to look into the mirror and seeing results and ‘loving-myself-sick’ (KIMMIE)… Unfortunately, that’s not happening but it will, I just need to stay focused.

images (1)

After being a bit down, harsh and negative on myself with a few close people around me saying that I’m being too hard on myself and that they can see change for the better – I came to the conclusion (okay with maybe a little guidance from a certain food nerd and health professional 😛 ) that it doesn’t matter how things look when it comes to looking at ourselves in the mirror we can all be super critical. I’m so guilty of doing this and have almost gotten stuck into a rut, so I thought I would put it to the test…

Body Image JessEb

So here we are below… Progress pics, week 1, 3 and 5 in my cutting phase

Body 'Cutting' Phase Progress Pic Week 1, 3 & 5

Body ‘Cutting’ Phase Progress Pic
Week 1, 3 & 5

I guess looking at the pics in front of me I can see my shape changing around my hips and belly (belly being the most noticeable). I know my muscles are slowly growing but first thing in the morning doesn’t exactly allow one to see that – maybe I should have done some pushups 😛 .. So yes I can see progress, I guess I was just expecting to see results quickly. It’s going to be a slow process but it’s good to know that I am slowly but surely heading in the right direction and that’s enough motivation for me to keep going strong.

Well that’s my update for now… But I want to know what strategies do you do to keep you motivated and on track when things aren’t going your way – or well you don’t realise they are? How do you get your head back in the game?


JessE-B Feeling Down

One response to “I Can’t Get No, SATISFACTION

  1. To keep your head above the game is remind yourself that you are human. You are allowed to feel bummed out and its okay; and that it takes time to make a masterpiece 😉
    So don’t fret too much about how the results are looking. Sometimes it takes longer for the results to show on your body. I find that my mental state of mind has a lot to do with how I perceive myself. On my good days, I think I look all slim and wonderful, but the very next day I find myself wondering why I have a gut of a baby buffalo.
    Maybe, when you find yourself getting too negative about how you can’t see the results, ask yourself what are the 5 positive changes you can see or feel?

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