If Easter Egg hunting was an Olympic event, I would have a Gold Medal by now.

Easter is fast approaching; before we know it the Easter Bunny will be delivering Easter eggs to us all… The perks of being the eldest of 7 with young siblings, THE EASTER BUNNY STILL COMES TO ME and I get the partake in the annual Bryant&Lambert Easter Egg Hunt.



So over this chocolate season everyone will be stuffing their faces with chocolate … or not in my case as I’m into my cutting faze and refuse to lose focus (especially after the silly chocolate birthday cake episode at my sister’s birthday and after a few not so sneaky chocolate eggs at work this morning) as I want this weight converted to muscle or gone (can’t lose focus – meanwhile the chocolate eggs on my work desk are mocking me, into the draw they go!).  

So this season I will be taking on the Bunny fooding approach – carrots come at me!  To ensure I don’t crack I will be organizing meal preps and packing of meals to ensure I stay on track, as it’s so easy to get caught up in the chocolate season. However may it still be noted I plan on competing in the family Easter Egg hunt on Sunday, I will just forfeit my share (devastating I know) but I’m sure the Easter Bunny will be proud.

 I have learn a lot of life lessons from the Easter Bunny over the years, for example:

  • Not to put all my eggs in one basket
  • Theirs is no  such thing as too much candy (ever!)
  • A cute tail attracts a lot of attention (so best to lay of the candy & go for the SQUATS, DEADLIFTS, LEGPRESS & hip thrusts)
  • Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day
  • Some body parts are just meant to be floppy &&
  • All good things come in small packages.


During the holiday season I shall be spending time with loved ones and am fortunate enough to have 10days off straight from work (WINNING) so I am going to enjoy the little break & being a social bunny. I am going camping to celebrate a dear friends 25th birthday, planning on a beach trip or two, races with the girls and catching up with family & friends and of course hitting the gym and being active– cannot wait (t-minus 3 hours & 30 minutes, not that I’m counting)!


So how are you spending your Easter Break? Plan on getting up too much?

Well I think it’s time to wrap up. I hope this Easter bring prosperity and success to you. Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones.  Have a great time!


JessE-B xx



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