Summer – Come Back!

Everyone is claiming to love the cooler temperatures of Autumn. Personally, I am not one of these people…


Now just to clarify for my overseas readers … Summer in Australia (my country of residency hehe ) is from December to February (which is when most of us spend it at the beach and outdoors). March to May heralds Australia’s autumn (winge!!) which is when the lovely shades of brown and orange (please note lovely was said in a massive sarcastic tone #vomitatthecolourtones) come into play and most of the trees lose their leaves. Then there is Australia’s Winter, from June to August, and then generally Spring will take it’s sweet time to hit but when it does our days slowly start to get longer again and it’s time to watch the flowers come into bloom and get your butt into gear for that ‘BIKINI-READY-BEACH-BODY’… Then before we know it Summer is here  ❤


I love the freedom of Summer… summer dresses, beach adventures, the delicious fruits that come into season (mmmmm, MANGO!), flip flops, longer days and well, life in general. You don’t have to look at what the temperature is, you know it’s going to be warm and you know what to wear. Nor do I need to worry about blow drying my hair in Summer, it takes care of itself #beachhairftw


Also and perhaps most importantly… I get lots of presents in Summer (hehe I love presents). Summer means it’s Christmas time, my birthday and Valentines Day (who says you need a ‘man’, my girls always take care of me!) which assures me each summer, that I will be spoilt by loved ones with pressies! Meanwhile the following 3 seasons leave me presentless, yes Easter is there but I can’t see how presents that make me fat are really a present at all (perhaps a slight death- sentence / massive test for how strong I am mentally and physically to get off my butt and move it).


You know Autumn’s here as it’s when everyone starts getting sick (and you can’t argue this point – I have seen all the insta piccy uploads of you in bed with your warm cups of tea with your soothers, tissues and bed socks on standby, not to mention reading all the tweets) and our daylight begins to be robbed from us – it just all of a sudden gets darker quicker and cooler… and I don’t like it. Makes getting out of bed for my morning runs that slightly bit more difficult. Dreading the ‘Winter’ mornings, having said that I can’t wait to wear my over-sized fluffy jumper, it’s so cosy and toasty (maybe the ugliest thing on the planet but I love it, I’m sure it will start making appearances on my insta snaps – so stay tuned!) .

Other changes that are worth noting between Summer and Autumn, the colours change from lovely brights to hideous colours like brown and orange… I would rather wear my summer dresses than pants, but at the same time leggings are socially acceptable to wear*, *in certain situations again (emphasis on ‘certain’ situation, generally when your actually butt and lady-hood are covered – visit Charmed Valerie for the rules) and well I won’t have to worry about shaving my legs as religiously…


BUT at this exact point my biggest hate for Autumn (besides it being too close to Winter – so not ready!) is it’s kinda of cold, but sort of hot, and sorta dry, but also humid, my body (okay specifically, my hair) is rather confused. Then I straightened the bloody lot and it rains … Ohh and of course the getting up in the mornings with it being darker and cooler (cos this page is all about being ‘healthy happy and active’ and not my hair lol). So how do we overcome this when it comes to being active in the cooler months? (I’m referring to the coolness and darkness of the weather and not the effects it has on my hair haha)


Now, Yes, I am a morning person, but I am a firm believer if it is dark outside you should be asleep and it’s not time to get up. So I’m dreading the darker and much cooler mornings. I’m already noticing the difference in temp and have my morning routine down pack, before I go to bed I literally place my runners and outfit besides my bed so then it requires minimal effort and thinking come 5:15am when my alarm goes off. Then before I know it I’m dreassed and out running and my body (or brain) just doesn’t have time to process, argue or question what’s going on.

dark alarm

I have also signed myself up for Tough Mudder and Truegrit (with more to come!) to keep me focused and on track with training during the cooler months. What I would really like to invest in is a morning running buddie to keep me more accountable, so I should start investigating the younger peeps that live in my building so see if anyone is as mad as me haha.

friends running

I hope all is going well,

JessE-B xx

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