That’s It – Let’s Have Words …

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I’m not sure what it is with today however so many of my beautiful friends just seem to be having a morning filled with lots of self doubt. Yes as girls we always want to be ‘better’, wether its being ‘healthier’, ‘happier’, ‘fitter, ‘prettier’ etc etc. I mean it’s a constant battle. So this Tuesday I just want to say a few words to get your heads on straight for the rest of the week…

Now let’s be realistic … Someone will always be prettier (dont’ roll your eyes, stay with me – i promise there is a point that won’t leave you feeling like ‘crapolla’), there will always be someone smarter or younger, even better, but trust me, they will never be YOU. YOU are perfect, exactly as YOU are; there is no need to change anything – actually yes there is #lesbihonest … The only thing you need to change is the thoughts that you aren’t good enough…


So be confident, too many minutes, hours, days, weeks (you get the point) are wasted comparing ourselves to others. Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, being a size 6, having a ‘box-gap’ or looking a particular way. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and most importantly a beautiful soul.

Girl Confidence

We are all different, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, embrace them and have confidence. True confidence leaves no room for jealousy, when YOU know you’re great, you have no need to hate. Confidence is the key…


So my beautiful and perfect family, friends and followers, I hope you have a lovely day being YOU and remember nothing is more beautiful than a confident girl who doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not.



So Ladies, screw your heads on right … And in the words of one of my Favs …


JessE-B xx

Be You

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