Venom – It’s Lethally Good!

Typically if you are wanting to gain muscle mass or even to loose fat #eitherall basically you have to keep your protein intake high. So peeps, if the thought of eating six chicken breasts a day or like eight egg whites each meal is turning you off don’t worry – protein powder can help you reach your protein intake hit without you having to go all out on the chicken and egg whites.

Girl in Pink Drinking Tasty Strawberry Milkshake

Personally, I just can’t seem to get enough Chicken, Eggs, Fish, Nuts and other high-protein rich foods into my daily nutritional intake (like many individuals) so I turn to the trusty protein powder to help get me there and it was coming to the point where my protein powder supply was diminishing which meant it was time to go hunting for more…


In the past I have always had someone else to pick and make the protein powder call where this time it was all on me #ohdear . So after a little research and reading and talking to a few people I ended up making the call and going with Venom Protein as their WPC protein powders delivers over 30g of protein per serve whilst calories being approx 150. Not to mention the best bang-for-buck in my opinion without ending up with a gazillion kgs of protein (generally in only one bloody flavour – which is why you often go sharsies with people but that requires organisation and relying on other people and all I wanted was protein powder and protein powder fast!) and FAST it was I received my order it the very next morning! A further bonus is that I was able to pick four flavours – there was so many to choose from and I got a cool looking Free Shaker and a $20 voucher to put towards my next purchases #wellplayedonkeepingthecustomershappy


I ended up going with Banana, Mango, Rocky Road and Vanilla flavours seeing as tho I already still have a little Chocolate and Strawberry at home from last time (BRAND). But oh my goodness, the amount of flavours from Venom are awesome and the ones I have tried have just been AWESOME! Venom’s protein powder is incredibly tasty (which means you can have them with water and they still taste awesome) and the Rocky Road is AMAZING (I do that one on Milk tho – much better! Makes me feel naughty whilst being ‘good’) and is my new go-to for when I crave the sugar hit, I feel naughty having it because it tastes that good – like a sundae in liquid form! It’s brilliant #lovelovelove


So if you interested in checking Venom out – go to: the staff are extremely friendly and helpful and the products are great.


5 responses to “Venom – It’s Lethally Good!

  1. I was so desperate for protein, and I trust you. So I bought the $20 sampler pack today. Woot excited to find my fav flavor. So well priced!! Let’s hope it’s works for me 🙂

    • I was looking at doing that but was then like ehhhh go hard or go home haha … they are so yummy the flavors!! love putting the banana and mango ones into fruit smoothies! 🙂

  2. What’s the difference between WPC and WPI? Which one would be more effective in building lean muscle for girls? 🙂

    • Hey There! Thanks for stopping by. In response to your question, basically WPI is Whey Protein Isolate and WPC is Whey Protein Concentrate. From the research that I have done WPI is pretty much WPC that has been like further filtered to remove more of the lactose and fat giving users with a higher % of protein. Hope that helps! 🙂

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