HELP ME!!! Full Body Workout vs Muscle Groups


I signed up at the start of the week to a gym (Yay! ABS & ASS come at me) and I had a consult/gym session with a lovely PT on Tuesday morning. Now I’m not going to claim I have any qualifications in this field as we all know I’m not qualified, so I am asking for help and input from others (and no you don’t have to be ‘qualified’ any input will be greatly appreciated) as I would appreciate some others opinions…

When it comes to weight training I have always done the same basic gym routine – Squats, Bench, Deads, Lat. Raises, Bend Over Rows & Curls (yeh, they get the girls 😉 haha) and I have found this to work fine. Now the PT has recommended I go from my Full Body Workout style to focusing on Muscle Groups as I am wanting to do 3-4 sessions a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday mornings).

So I have questions … What are your thoughts on this? Should I group together? What works well for you? Please let me know!

JessE-B xx


5 responses to “HELP ME!!! Full Body Workout vs Muscle Groups

  1. Hey Jess,

    I would do what your PT is suggesting. By focusing on sole muscle groups at a time this allows your muscles to recover and grow. If you constantly do full body your muscles wont have time to repair.

    I do the following…

    Session 1: Back and Biceps
    Session 2: Legs & Abs (with PT)
    Session 2: Chest, Triceps
    Session 4: Legs & Shoulders
    Session 5: Cardio (usually a run)

    I work these muscle groups together as otherwise you would be doing about 8 sessions a week. Most back exercises work your biceps, you need your abs for squats, chest and triceps are easy to work together and on my second leg day I incorporate things like thrusters and push press with squats (almost cross fit style as this sky rockets my heart rate).

    I wont stop myself from doing something chest related on a leg day though. But it would be more like smashing out some push ups to keep my heart rate up rather then doing bench.

    I see a PT too but just once a week. She does legs with me as this is the one thing I find it hard to push myself in.

    Also I do legs twice as this is a problem area for me as a “pear shape” so you probably wont need to do them twice 😛

    Just have a chat to your PT or do some googling to see what suits best. Some PTs are great and some have no idea. If you are at a Fitness First I would suggest seeing a Level 2 or 3 as some of the L1s are just out of Tafe. Also see a female one if possible as they tend to understand our bodies a lot better and they get your mood swings and actually let you have a vent about personal things (if you work hard!),

    Hope this helps! xx

  2. A split routine is possibly a better option. Particularly if you’re looking to put on some muscle. It gives you the opportunity to focus on muscle groups that may be lagging etc. A full body work out each time is not going to allow you the time to really work those areas… If you’re not keen on a 3 or four day split, then perhaps a two day split? It just gives opportunity to include more exercises for each muscle group.
    Out of curiosity, what sort of a split did the PT suggest?
    In the end though it comes down to what you’re most likely to do. If you have a program that you don’t like you’re not going to follow it, which defeats the purpose of having a program to begin with.
    Give the split routine ago, and then at the end of a 6-8 week cycle after your body has adjusted to it (or before then if you don’t like the split) revert back to the full body routine for a bit of a change up.

  3. There’s a quote from Alwyn Cosgrove (really awesome trainer…google him!) that full body works best for 80% of people 80% of the time. I would stick with the full body 3x a week, focus on getting stronger in the main compound lifts and re-evaluate in 3 months. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi! Has the PT split you into days, eg – Day 1 – legs; Day 2; triceps/chest etc? I think you will see faster muscle growth doing it this – I have trained like this in the past and found the areas I was focusing on get a better workout. Also, doing some new exercises will shake your body up, you can become too used to the exercise. And you can hit the gym more often because you’re working different muscle groups….you could train up to 6 days a week this style 🙂 Will you be doing a lot of free weights or is it more machine based?

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