Get Out, Get Active & Take A Friend

Happy Funday Monday Readers!
I trust you all had a good weekend?!
The weekends just seem to come and go too quickly – it’s just not fair.

Today’s post is going to be about ‘GET OUT, GET ACTIVE & TAKE A FRIEND’ as on Saturday afternoon-night I spent time with Miss Jasmine being Active (not like that! #getyourmindouttathegutter …) and exploring Kangaroo Point.

photo 4
So before I launch into my chit-chat, meet Jazz…
photo 5

I met Jazz back in 2008 through the Queensland Supra Club (I know right – who would have thought?!) and well going on 6 years of friendship and we are doing well, growing up and being big kids in the ‘BIG-BAD-WORLD’. Here are a few snaps of us #tripdownmemorylane #feelslikeonlyyesterday

From girls sleepovers, to cruises, parties, dinner dates and everything in-between – it’s never dull with this one!

photo 1

Recently Jasmine was asking me how to stay motivated and how she wants to starting living a more active lifestyle and making better choices but was just finding it hard – so we decided to make ourselves a pack and make ourselves accountable to do at least 2 training sessions together a week. Whether it be going for a wog (which will be a jog by the end of week lady!), doing stair sets, circuit work etc anything just getting up and being active.

Jasmine 'Wogging'

Jasmine ‘Wogging’

Now a random fact for you … According to Psychologists friendships that last longer than 7 years will last a lifetime – so we are almost guaranteed lifelong friend Jazz providing we make it through the year … So on that note Miss Jazz – Are you sure you want to train together?? #idontwanttoendupaloneoryouhatingmyguts #yestherewillbealotmorestairs #andyesyouhavetofinishthesets haha)


Session 01 – WE SURVIVED!

Anyway, on Saturday afternoon Jasmine and I went for a fun adventure exploring the beautiful Kangaroo Point. We enjoyed a massive walk, bursts of runs and then Jasmine’s absolute favourite – a hill and stairs circuit set of 3 (SO PROUD OF YOU!! #girlpower) followed by some sneaky squats. Now I’m not going to lie #itwasabitch and man I could #feeltheburn but Jazz was such a tropper I’m so keen for todays session – I’m thinking circuit work and THE HILL. Now according to your text you are still coming over this arvo for a session so no pulling a “sicky” on me if you read this before our session haha.

photo 3

photo 2

I have always been able to train by myself however have found when I have a companion to go at the session with me I’m:
1) More motivated
2) The time goes quicker
3) It pushes me more – as yes I do have a competitive spirit and

So do you train with a friend? What do you do? Comment below – could do with some more inspiration!!

JessE-B xx


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