My Cookie Monster Week-&-A-Bit/Still-Going

Hello Lovely Readers,

Now I know you haven’t heard as much as a peep from me lately (unless you follow me on Instagram – and if you aren’t well you should be – jessicaelizabethbryant I promise to follow back and not completely take over your newsfeeds with selfies* … *i take no responsibility for content posted between party times, from 5pm Friday till 6am Monday #gladweclearedthatup) as unfortunately I have had crazy amounts of uni work, real work and a little project I’m currently organising ( #rileyschallenge ) has kept me a rather busy bee … As a result my social life and typical ‘healthy, happy & active’ lifestyle has gone down a slight spiral, OKAY no ‘sugar-coating-it’ a complete plunge down really border-line a non-existent state. The stormy-weather over here in the NOT-SO-SUNNY-QUEENSLAND hasn’t helped either, Rusty is going bonkers! BUT don’t worry I have submitted my last assignment for 2013 and have spent the last few days with friends and family celebrating graduations, finishing exams, birthdays, an engagement and just-because-we-can events, all in which revolve around fooding – and not the healthy kind and the weather for the next few days is suppose to be sunny so bring on my runs with Rusty!

But whilst I’m being completely honest, I am going to continue my current COOKIE-MONSTER-MENTALITY I currently have going on (MMMMMMMMM Cookie) just till the end of the week as sometimes it’s important to ‘let-your-hair-down’ and have a break. BUT I will be hitting the gym tonight and moving-and-grooving with Rusty.

So until my next post please find below some of my COOKIE-MONSTER happy snaps from the last few days – I have been #wininganddining


Lunch Date On Saturday With Miss Sammy At Arrivederci Pizzeria


Sundae Time At Arrivederci Pizzeria – Yummy Yummy!


Courtney & I @ Diamante’s Brasserie For Joel’s 21st Birthday Dinner & Drinks


My Beautiful Sister Millie’s Family Birthday Morning Tea xo


Going Out For Dinner With My Brother Jack In Celebrations Of Him Finishing School


Me ft My Yummy Steak @ The RoadHouse Grill – So good! 🙂

So that’s my little update on where I have been and where I’m at. Enough about me: How have you all been going? What’s been happening? Also, back-to-me (briefly) add me on Instagram jessicaelizabethbryant and I promise to follow back

JessE-B 🙂 x

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