At the start of the month I decided to partake in the Ashy Bines ChOctober  challenge.  Now when I mean NO chocolate I don’t just mean saying NO to chocolate bars, I mean NO to the works…  NO hot chocolates, NO nutella, NO chocolate cake, NO ‘clean eating chocolate treats’ … NO CHOCOLATE full stop. And well my outcome of the challenge …


Well let’s be honest, me going a month without chocolate … What a joke, but the fact that I lasted 20 days (legit) into Choctober is an AMAZING achievement for me (as I love my chocolate – think cookie monster with cookies, well that’s me chocolate, deadset SAME SAME).


So what did I slip up on and when did it all come too much… Well it was at my beautiful cousins confirmation party on the weekend and my aunty had made her famous chocolate cupcakes …. Drum roll please …


After thinking about it long and hard (okay, maybe instantly haha) I decided to commit and eat the yummy looking chocolate cupcake and OH MY GOODNESS it was AMAZING!


Now encase you are wondering, I did show some self control and discipline … I only had one cupcake. Although I then felt that it was only fair to try one Nutella Cookie and a piece of Chocolate Caramel Slice as well. They were delicious and I enjoyed munchly, if I had to choose I think I would have to have another round of taste testing to make sure I could commit to an answer 😉 OK maybe not, that’s just me being greedy – the cupcake would tie with the Chocolate Caramel Slice (one of my mum’s specialties).


So whilst yes it would have been awesome to say I went the full month, I’m personally happy with my 20day achievement – gotta start somewhere right?!



  1. Quite funny you posted this, because I too failed, ACCIDENTALLY!
    Completely forgetting that I’d taken on the challenge, I took a bite of my boyfriend’s chocolate irish cream cheesecake on the weekend… oops!

  2. I have a strong belief that the fabric of society would unravel if everyone took this challenge. How divinely masochistic. Not to be brash but you’ve got balls of solid adamantium.

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