Calling all Runners, Joggers, Woggers, Walkers & Booty-Shakers

I NEED YOUR HELP – What’s On Your Playlist?


My running playlist in much need of a re-vamp so I’m calling for all Runners, Joggers, Woggers, Walkers & Booty-Shakers for your input!

So , what’s On Your Playlist? What tunes do you run too? What’s your warm-up and Cool down tunes? What keeps you moving? Please share as I desperately need some fresh tunes. I don’t care how old (Let’s face it Eye of the Tiger is AWESOME)… I want anything with a beat to keep me going. K go.

Love JessE-B

p.s. TGIF ❤


13 responses to “Calling all Runners, Joggers, Woggers, Walkers & Booty-Shakers

  1. I like using as they have a variety of playlists that DJ put together for runners. Different themes and speeds. I like the dance/techno/rap stuff just because it’s got a good beat that helps me keep speed up. I also admit I like the explicit language ones ( but they do have clean) as I have a 5 year old and try not to swear at home so get it out of my system on the road. I’ve also enjoyed listening to Teagan and Sara ( but for slower runs) as my husband added the whole album instead of just the song I wanted.

  2. Hi Jesse! When I started running this June, I found this site for great running and workout music, where songs are categorized by bpm, based on how fast you run a km…
    It really worked for me, however it also depends on how big steps you take when u run 🙂 Otherwise it’s a cool site 😉

  3. I am a fan of:
    Katy Perry Roar or any of her songs.
    Miley Cyrus-We Can’t Stop.
    Macklemore-Same Love
    Florida Georgia Line-Cruise

    I don’t have my iPod with me now but I will take a look and get back to you. 🙂

  4. I don’t run (yet) but I found this instagram photo that put a list up of great songs to listen to while running (apparently)
    – Can’t Hold Us : Macklemore
    – Burn : Ellie Goulding
    – Dance Without You : Ricky Luna Remix
    – Waiting All Night : Rudimental
    – One Little River : Clare Bowditch
    – Run Alone : 360
    – Chasing the Sun : The Wanted
    – Feel Again : One Republic
    – Spectrum : Calvin Harris Remix

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