Do you love to eat salads and take them to work, but are always put off by how messy they are to prepare, and how quickly they go off?

Well ladies you need to get on the latest salad trend .. SALAD JARS!

salad-in-a-jar-mason-vegan 3

Salad Jars are a quick, easy, economical and keep your salad fresh for longer.

I made my first Salad Jar a week ago and not going to lie was pretty skeptical on the whole thing, not to mention trying to figure out if it would actually come out of the jar easily or not!

Well my dears, they do & to prove I’m actually including a couple of my personal pics from trying it – they don’t look as fancy as the other ones, personally I’m just happy I didn’t manage to cut myself when making it! #itsthelittlethings

photo 2

Now after doing a bit more research a variety of sources claim that you can make two or three salad jars in advance and they stay fresh, so how easy does that make your meal prep! Having said that, if you’d prefer not to put dressing in your salad jars will keep even longer. An alternative for you salad dressing fans you can always bring it along in a smaller jar and pour into the salad jar before eating.

So how it works…
The general rule of thumb to follow when making your SALAD JARS is…
1) Put your more liquefied ingredients at the bottom, i.e. the dressing.
2) As the next layer will be submerged in the dressing, so choose ingredients like carrot, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, chickpeas – ingredients that wont’t go soggy from the dressing.
3) The next layers in your ‘leafs’ – spinach, lettuce, arugula etc
4) If you are a feta cheese or avocado fan but these on top.

photo 1

My Lunch For Today – Happy Friday!

It also makes a great lunch idea for if you are meeting friends at a local park or something!


So what salad combos have you come up with? I want to know, lets get fancy!!

Thanks for reading!

JessE-B xx


11 responses to “FOOD TREND ALERT!

  1. Genius! I remember years ago McDonalds came out with a shaker salad in a cup similar to this. Of course these are actually healthy, but great for on the go!

  2. Fantastic idea for work! Saves spending ridiculous amounts of money on salad that is more than like a few days older than it should be 🙂

  3. Hey Jesse, thanks for following! I already adore your blog! You have so many pictures and its really fun. Can’t wait to read more.

    LOVE this salad in a jar concept. I saw it on pinterest a while back and never got around to trying it out. Now that I have mason jars, I’ll probably give it a go! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks so much for following my blog, so sorry for the delay. Am catching up with comments now, I have been so slack!! Have you tried the salad jar yet? 🙂

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