I Am Quite The Cadbury

To me it’s important to share my highs and lows with my readers … So this post my beautiful readers is definitely not one of my finest moments … Think – GET  LOW GET LOW GET LOW and yes here is my Sunday/Monday story for you all to read.

Over here in sunny Queensland, Australia we were lucky enough to have had a long weekend with amazing weather. A group of us decided a Sunday Session would be a great idea – yes great until before I knew it I was ‘White-Girl-Wasted’.

So here is how it all began… We had agreed on Pre-Drinks at one of my beautiful friends families place so the boys could watch the game (encase you weren’t aware, the BRONCOS were not playing – disappointing I know!) and well us girlies could enjoy chit chatting and a few glass of bubbles without having to compete with the loud music when we got out. Pres were going great – I was enjoying Vodka Orange, then ran out and switched to Champagne.

Now time for a bit of background info: I am not a big drinker, seriously I am a light weight which is why I generally don’t do the whole predrink thing as seriously it only takes me 2-3 drinks to be TIPSY #cheapdate and as Patrick puts it I’m simply an ‘early-peeker’ haha aka a complete Cadbury… So yes, pretty sure you can all picture where this is going … BUT don’t worry I did eat before drinking (but perhaps I wish I hadn’t come the early hours of Monday morning).


Anyway we decide it’s time to go and meet up with some friends so time for the car trips. Don’t worry there was no drink driving, my roomie was the DD for this evening. So Kurt is driving, Townie is in the passenger and then Patrick and Elyce are in the back with me being the piggy in the middle (which at the time was great as we were sharing drinks and every time it was passed along I was fortunate enough to double up (1 to Partrick, 1 to Jess, 1 to Elyce, 1 to Jess, 1 to Patrick and well you get the point) score right! Ummm no, as unfortunately it was ruuMMMMMMMMMM (ick ick ick – I can still taste the revolting stuff in my mouth) … OK so in reflection me going the rum really was me asking for it, as rule of thumb: don’t mix your spirits/drinks and well da-da what did I do… Not to mention it was RUM.


We end up at the Boundary, well not at the Boundary … In the line for the Boundary which we were in which seemed like forever [a HUGE thank-you to Patrick for being the best finder and partner in crime, you know what for 😉 ] and then majority of us gave up on the whole line concept and went across the road to the Archive Bar which was pretty cool. So naturally a few more drinks are consumed, ramblings and lots of photo’s (there must have been over 40 pics of Elyce and I doing selfies …


See I wasn’t kidding there are stacks of them!

So just to clarify before I go all ranty-rant … Now this evening from when I started getting ‘blind’ isn’t something I’m proud of (literally have only done this a handful of times in my entire life) and I wasn’t planning to get ‘white-girl-wasted’ this is just want happens when I try to keep up with tanks as I’m not normally a drinker, clearly. I’m all for having fun and understand that some people find alcohol gives them the confidence and boost or well whatever pros you all find it brings you… for me, I HATE it, it only seems to take a few before it brings me down. Personally it takes my sparkle away and well that just does not work for me lol.

Anyway the night is continuing I’m mingling, drinking bit of dancing, having fun …

photo (6)

 photo (7)

And well I ended up out the front talking to my friends whilst they were smoking (and OK now I’m going off what Kurt is telling me, as I can’t really remember much before I left) but apparently I was actually considering trying a cigarette (which may be no big deal to most but for me this is an OH-MY-GOODNESS WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MOMENT) thankfully I didn’t as I would have been so angry and mad at myself – YAY for Kurt stepping in and me being able to hold on to my morals through all the haziness. Now whilst we are on this subject of smoking I am going to share my brief thoughts and opinions and you don’t have to agree with them – but as this is MY BLOG I’m going to share.

I honestly can’t get why people actually smoke … in general; heavy smoker, social smoker, once in a blue-moon smoker, smoking kills. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE COMMERCIALS, PACKAGING, MARKETING ETC. IT GIVES YOU CANCER. AND AS YOUR FRIEND I DON’T WANT YOU DYING ON ME (ha, you know I’m getting serious when I bring out my big bang capitals). I get the whole yes everyone dies eventually argument, but I’m more of a live a healthy life as long as possible type person. As personally, this topic hits too close to home for me. My Aunty has fought cancer TWICE (two types: Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer) and we are so blessed she is a fighter and is still here to give us lectures on not smoking, slip slop slap and to TAKE CARE OF OUR BODIES. On this note, shout out to my gorgeous Aunty for being AMAZING! Love you Aunty Sandy!

Now having said all that … To my friends who do smoke and yes there are a fair few of you … Life is full of choices and I’m not going to tell you how to live your life because I respect that people make different choices and that’s what all makes us unique, it’s some peoples way to de-stress, relax, etc etc … and I love you all for who you are … But you all know how I feel on the subject so if it ever comes to a time (which I’m praying it won’t) I will say ‘ I TOLD YOU SO’, but if you need my lung or something I can spare you can have it. Now I don’t have enough organs to go around for all of you so maybe you should just like STOP 😉 haha …  Well that wasn’t so brief was it … Now before I go back to my night’s events I am just going to leave you will a few images for you to consider and take onboard…


Now, where was I … Oh yes … Back to Kurt stepping in… Glad he said it was time to go as soon as I got to the car when I was out of the busy and crazy environment I could feel my body change, I was no longer feeling bold and vibrant but tired, dizzy and VERY SICK. A massive thank-you to my amazing roomie Kurt who looked after me and not once got angry or mad at me even though I did paint the side of his car in well … I’m sure you get the point – as I said not one of my finest moments. He got me water, carried me inside, got me a bucket, even gave me a shower as apparently I made him promise to not let me get into bed all yucky as I had just cleaned our bed linen that day #loveagoodlistener  … Anyway the rest of Sunday night and Monday till about lunch time I was sleeping with the toilet bowl, then the rest of my day was spent on the couch going in and out of sleep and watching REVENGE (finally finished season 01, I’m so hooked! So late in the times I know, but I’m getting there lol).

If you’re still reading, WOW you must be a true friend as I’m really not sure on my whole point of this post other than to vent my frustration at myself for making myself so sick. Yes I did have great fun with my friends, till the alcohol took over. Then it was pretty much downhill from there as I established. Not only did I spend the night being sick and feeling absolutely terrible, I then wasted a beautiful sunny day and it chewed into my study time and meant no training. So on this note, I would love to hear your responses and thoughts on the whole drinking scenario- do you have any tricks or tips when you go out that you stay on your game?

I promise my next posts will have more of a point. Also, encase your are wondering I still haven’t gone the chocolate, YAY! Although, I have proven to be quite the Cadbury girl!

Thanks for reading.


JessE-B xx

9 responses to “I Am Quite The Cadbury

  1. I’m a terrible, terrible light weight as well. I actually haven’t had a drink in ages – I was having a few sips of Turkey and Coke there for a while, but have stopped even that. When I was going out, I used to offer to drive a lot – that way there was no chance of me drinking, it was cheaper, and I’m a bit of a mother hen…so I got to make sure everyone got home safely! I have heard of the trick of getting a glass of water with every drink you order – I assume it slows you down if you already have a glass in each hand, haha.
    As to the smoking, good on you! I lost my grandfather to lung cancer, and my dad suffered a heart attack a few years ago….all smoking related. It’s such a terrible thing, and I don’t understand why people do it. I know it’s each to their own….but…..
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh dear Jess….. That’s the worst feeling in the world being drunk sick :(. Thanks for the shout out and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that as the oldest of the family that you are setting a good example in terms of the no smoking and looking after your body. I’m sure it will be many years before you forget the awfulness of your over indulgence so until the next time…..keep clean! ( P.S wish I was as good as you when I was your age…. I thought I was invincible )
    Love you Jess!
    Aunty Sandy

  3. This is a great post. While getting sick from drinking is not fun I love that you shared your adventure and the pictures. OMG THE PICTURES! I do the same damn thing. When I go out for a crazy night on the town with my friends, I alternate water with my alcohol. This prevents getting a headache from drinking too much, it also helps prevent stomachaches from too many sugar loaded drinks. I think the important thing is to pace yourself. I also believe in pancakes and bacon the next day. Carbs and fat help me balance my stomach out so I don’t feel empty. Napping in the afternoon- if possible- helps get you recouped while not wasting a whole day in bed.

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