My October Challenge Isn’t Looking So Sweet

Hello Readers,
Thank-you for dropping in…

For my frequent readers you should all know my weakness is chocolate and you all know how I ensure I get my row of dark chocolate each day by managing my macros accordingly … And well if you’re new or haven’t been reading … TUT-TUT … oh well, your here now (HI-5) and well about time you came to your senses 😉 haha

Back to me…

Well this month I am doing the Ashy Bines ChOctober which means no yummy dark chocolate for me for all of October (seriously what am I getting myself into!) … The concept of the whole Choctober is to bring on Bikini ready bodies (personally it’s going to take me allot more that not eating chocolate to see any result but why not give it a try – you know I love a good challenge)

The ‘rules’ are …
– NO chocolate
– NO hot chocolate
– NO ‘clean’ hot chocolate treats’
– NO Sugar free chocolate (but let’s face it like it’s chocolate anyway)

… So pretty much … NO FUN
Seriously having a ‘WHAT ARE YOU GETTING YOURSELF INTO MOMENT’ … But don’t worry, encase you were wondering chocolate protein flavoured powders are totally allowed (pitty i can’t stand the stuff, looks like I maybe having to make an adjustment) …

Pretty sure if I can do it anyone can do it so if you’re feeling like a nutter like me JOIN THE CHOCTOBER CHALLENGE and to make sure you follow through!

For more information check out Ashy Bines website:

JessE-B xx

If you tell me this then makes the challenge pointless I will give you a piece of my mind – I’m working on the whole mind over matter you don’t need it daily type angle.

16 responses to “My October Challenge Isn’t Looking So Sweet

  1. I am seriously wishing you all the luck in the world, because those that have lived with you aka your Mummy and me and of course Kurt……know how much you love that little brown stuff (trying to help by not saying the Cword) My girl this could be your biggest challenge ever. With you all the way. ❤

    • Haha yes thinking this is a bigger challenge than the whole no shopping for a year LOL … Thanks for the support. Should have probably picked a better month considering its coming into uni exam and assessment galore time haha xxx

  2. I totally get cutting out most chocolate – especially if it has too many artificial sweeteners – but a piece of dark chocolate now and then shouldn’t hurt a ‘bikini body’ at all. Especially if you eat clean the rest of the time. Good luck with your challenge though – and I hope you are successful and learn a lot from it 🙂

    • For sure, I’m going down the whole mind over matter path – do I really need that row of chocolate I have each day … So far I’m thinking yes haha … Thanks for reading & for the support 🙂

  3. You might find after not having it for a month your body will stop looking/craving for it. Shall be interesting to see what happens, keep us posted!

  4. I applaud you your good intentions in banning chocolate from your diet. While I’ve already had chocolate this month, I will join you in this trial and do my best to restrain myself the rest of the month.

  5. Seeing as I’ve been slack and havent had a chance to catch up on your blog I’ve only just seen this, however I’d like to be a late entrant.. it will be hard as I’ve been pigging out on chocolate all weekend but I’ll go until the end of the month with you and we can help beat the cravings together at work 🙂 Day 1, Bring it on!

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