Now Move It

Yesterday was Active Nation Day so in order to support such a wonderful campaign I attended one of the Lorna Jane boot camps held at Surfers Paradise by BCBC.

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It was an ideal beach day, blue sky no clouds stinking hot with a bunch of sporty sisters sweating it out doing laps, boxing, stair runs, box jumps, squats, push-ups, leg kicks, 100 and lots more from 9-10am. It was amazing to see women of all ages and fitness levels partaking in the session. Girls not going to lie, there was ladies there who definitely had a couple of decades on us and they were leaving us for dead! #inspiration #dedication 

photo 2

Needless to say Harley, Sarah and I made it out the other side – covered in sexy glow (aka sweat – sexy glow just makes it sound .. well sexier) and grass with red faces but with smiles feeling rather accomplished! So keeping this in mind, Ladies & Gents – Please excuse my Harry-High-Pants … I was covered in sexy glow and just too busy trying to catch my breath back after the awesome session to be bothered re-adjusting my self haha #awkward #fail

photo 4

Heather from BCBC held a great bootcamp session with her partner and was so amazing. Such a great trainer who clearly knows her stuff.If your located or go to the Gold Coast frequently, definitely worth checking her sessions out: 

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A huge thankyou to Miss Harley for coming with me from Brisbane and sweating it out – haha I bet at times you seriously question why we are friends 😉 Also thankyou for being the TAXI
photo 2 (1)

JessE-B xx

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