To Count Or Not To Count… That Is The Question?


Too count or not to count calories

Too cut out sugar or not

To go on a straw diet

To go vegan or not

To get on the FAD diet bandwagon or not

There are so many fad diets out there promoting short-term weight loss, but few of these take into consideration about actually being a long-term lifestyle choice. Now I don’t want to get into a debate or too caught up on what diets do or don’t work, BUT when it comes to food, there are so many theories out there on what to eat and what not to eat, how can we tell up from down?


I think it’s important to understand what necessarily works for someone, won’t necessarily work for the next. It’s about knowing your body and making the best choices for YOU. Every individual has the ability to control their diet, it just takes discipline (do not throw emotionally eating into this – as I have been there and done that. Channel your emotions and take it out doing something else – personally I use to shop (seen the movie confessions of a shopaholic, well that’s me only brunette and not as many credit cards and not so designer savvy OK so it’s not really me but you get the point) where now I go for runs. Going for runs is not only a healthier alternative (compared to the ice-cream and chocolate junk food consumption) but also FREE, which means you aren’t left freaking out about a) putting on weight and b) being poor leading to more emotions! If you’re not a ‘runner’ then walk or hit the gym or pool – just do something active that will lead you to feeling better.


Oh my goodness I have done it again! Honestly I am a jabber jaws, easily distracted … BACK TO THE TOPIC … Now I’m not about to lie and tell you I eat 100% pure healthy, because I don’t. I like sweets, I have a mega sweet tooth – like MEGA sweet tooth: I like almost anything with chocolate in it or that is some form of a dessert. And guess what, I eat them – probably more than I should but for me my diet is all about choices, moderation and at times sacrifice (putting the Mars Bar down). Now I’m not a dietician or a PT etc etc but how I have worked my diet ideologies out was by doing some light research against what I want to achieve (which is muscle – that’s right girls I WANT MUSCLE). Now I have already released a few articles on how I maintain my food consumption – notice I didn’t say diet because I don’t believe it is which you can read SNEAK PEEK INTO MY JOURNAL – MY FUEL, SWEAT & TEARS but basically the approach I take is ‘If It Fits Your Macros’, aka iifym’. I find this method works well for me at the moment but it does take dedication and motivation in order to see results.  It can be so tempting to go back and eat more food then you have allocated -come on girls we all know the ‘I will just have a row of chocolate … and well before we know it where on earth did that block go!’ and sometimes I may slip up but if I do I MAKE SURE I MAKE THOSE CALS HISTORY as there is no way I’m wanting them to go straight to my thighs or back (like seriously why couldn’t it just go straight to my butt or boobs – wish I could pick and choose where the weight could go atleast HA! #agirlcandream).


Remember what I said before – what necessarily works for someone, won’t necessarily work for the next. It’s about knowing your body and making the best choices for YOU.



A suggestion to those who want to change and become a more healthier version of you perhaps start by looking at the foods your currently consuming (and drinks!) and do a little investigating into what your consuming. Make some simple swaps, instead of a chocolate bar come 3:30pm why don’t you try some dried fruit and nuts or if that isn’t your ‘cup-of’-tea’ make your own muesli slice or banana cake (I have some great ideas  ‘MY HEALTHY 3:30ITISH CURES’ if you need some inspiration).


Remember, you can’t outrun a bad diet (unless you go all Forest Gump on me, and if you do, please pack a razor and sunscreen) and 1 bad meal won’t make you fat, just like 1 good meal won’t make you skinny. It’s about being consistent and dedicated. So invest in YOU, because YOU are important.

JessE-B xx


7 responses to “To Count Or Not To Count… That Is The Question?

  1. The struggle is always an internal struggle. I like meditation, stillness, nature, exercise, nutrition, friends etc that help me get my internal sides all on one side. Then it is easy. Great topic, great post, and funny! Laughing, yes laughing also helps us get centered. Thanks

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