The Good, The Bad & The HEFER Feeling

HI HONEY – I’M HOME! Did you miss me? (I’m only taking YES for your answers)

I had a wonderful holiday to Melbourne with my Mummy to celebrate her birthday… Now you all know I love to chat so what I will do another post about my holiday once I have photos to share with you all!

So, today’s post I’m all business (LOL, Joke – I know you all appreciate a few of my one-liners).  My last post was me showing you my training and nutrition journal (SNEAK PEEK INTO MY JOURNAL – MY FUEL, SWEAT & TEARS) and well today’s post is all about how I ditched my normal ‘code’ for the 6 days I was away on holidays (Bad ass – I know, such a little rebel)… So you have read about me at my best and most disciplined (which I like to think is more often than not) but now I present you with ‘The Good, The Bad & The HEFER Feeling’ showing me cutting loose and wild!

Before I continue I’m sure some of you are thinking what on earth is this ‘HEFER’ term … well you know when you’re having a ‘fat’ day (and for the love of G – do not tell me I don’t have fat days, EVERYONE DOES and well if you say you never have had one of these days, please leave! Ha, no don’t – but seriously you’re a freak and I would love to know how you can avoid such days), you know the ones when your bloated, you just are feeling off and the last thing you feel like doing is squeezing into a tight dress or your ‘good’ jeans (you know the ones … the ones which you have to do the sexy jump around dance so you can get into them) and you just want to rock baggy clothes and opt for the comfort options (grandma style) and you just cannot seem to feel nice no matter what you do… Well that my friends is a Hefer day … Which has been about my last few days. Don’t get me wrong, being on holidays is GREAT and I loved every minute of it (okay perhaps not the ones where I felt like a HEFER).

Having said that surely I could have expected this feeling as whilst I was away…

1)      I did not track my nutrition – I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted – cakes, pastry goods, Pringles, Iced Chocolates and fancy meals every day (not to mention – NO WASHING UP OF DISHES OR MEAL PREP – YEWWWW!), it was great! May have backfired slightly tho as I was left feeling a bit icky in the tummy and the end of most day (probably because my body wasn’t use to processing enormous amounts of rich foods). I also enjoyed not having to cook or wash up, that was great too and meant more shopping time!


Some of my Melbourne Meals


2)      I did not exercise (nor did I wear any of my workout gear I packed which I insisted of packing – taking up precious shopping space!) – I did however get a pretty good workout from all my purchases (about 7kgs worth of clothing), so I personally thought that was a pretty good achievement – perhaps even more so the fact I then had to rock layers and carry a carry-on bag that may have been slightly over, butt shhhhh (like you haven’t done that before!)

Even though I’m left feeling like a ‘hefer’ post-holiday, it was such a good feeling training last night. I was beyond exhausted but the feeling of accomplishment after finishing the session was gold.


Gym Selfie

Not so gold then having to cook dinner and meal prep for the week, but can’t be in holiday mode all the time – back to reality!


Honey Soy & Garlic Chicken Veggie Stir-fry

Now having said all that, it was great enjoying life and not having to be so picky over what food I can or can’t have. But it really has made me appreciate that I do like my eating plan and how I train. It works for me and sometimes it’s good to have a break from the norm and mix it up. I know before I went on my holiday I was ‘stuck-in-a-rut’ and have found my holiday has gotten me out of it. Now can’t all holiday all the time (unless you’re rich OR marry rich OR have a sugar daddy – need to get me into one of these criteria’s haha) but remember the good old saying …


Well it is. Now I’m not suggesting you stop training or eating healthy altogether, perhaps just have a few days off and have some ‘YOU’ time. Just be sure to get back into it, use your little re-fresher to motivate you and drive you to want to achieve more. Make realistic goals and work towards achieving them.

 Now I think that’s enough reading for you lot today, although I want to know something from you all (think of it as home-work) … What do you do to feel better when you feel like a Hefer and when was the last time you had a holiday or made a change? What was it and what did you do? Comment below and let me know.

JessE-B xx




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