Sneak Peek Into My Journal – My Fuel, Sweat & Tears

Hi There,

In a recent blog I mentioned how I keep a spreadsheet that tracks my consumption of food, training log and feelings each week (generally don’t record weekends, as I try and avoid my laptop at all costs). I have had a few requests about how I do this and if I would be open to sharing it – OF COURSE!

So here it is my Training and Consumption Journal for week ending the 13.09.2013… Now unfortunately I couldn’t upload the whole spreadsheet trackings for the week at once as it wouldn’t all fit on the screen and I’m not an IT wiz… So I have broken it down into two, (1) Monday and Tuesday, (2) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately they aren’t very clear. So if you want to have the spreadsheet for my week submission I’m happy to send it to you so you can actually see what I’m talking about. Just let me know below or PM me on my FB page (LINK)!


 Okay so Monday for me was completely useless, I wasn’t feeling well, I had a lovely runny nose and was coughing like a seal (sexy right, the seal sound is so in!) as indicated in my ‘feelings’ and I may or may not had of over committed myself on the weekend – as usual, which I have indicated in my ‘notes. On these two days I wasn’t as hungry as normal, as written in my notes for how I’m feeling (down the bottom). Tuesday was slightly better but still not on track. But come Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I was back on my game!



Now not going to lie, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were pretty good for me nutritionally and for my training session. You can see where I could be considered ‘naughty’, yes, that’s right ladies, I ate Chocolate Cake and I had one day for lunch a Whopper meal deal from HJ’s and it was totally within my nutritional allowance. That’s right I was able to eat these and that’s on-top of my daily chocolate fix (I’m a big sweet tooth – In my diet I usually have some form of chocolate each day as that’s my thing, some people live for their cup/s of coffee each day, I live for that row of dark chocolate) all within my nutritional allowance – pretty cool hey!

So you probably are wondering how I came up with my 1500 cals and 100g protein goals. For my cals I simply just went online and did some reading and came across a few ‘Calorie-Calculators’. I punched in my details and walla it provided me with rough stats. I used a few just to check they were all similar, which they were and then out there which are able to give you an indication of your daily calorie requirements. Personally I ended up decreasing mine after a whilst as what they were telling me seemed a bit too much, so I simply decreased mine slightly and think it’s perfect as I haven’t put on weight when I’m sticking to it and am not left with the starving feeling. Obviously be honest with your details, re the exercising, cos pending how much you are working out and then intensity of each session with vary your body requirements for calories it needs to consumer in order to give your body fuel for your training sessions.

As for my protein, it was more my partner who researched that one for me and said hit triple digits a day as I am trying to gain muscles (YES, YOU HEARD ME … I WANT MUSCLES – but I will save this for another post). I am and am finding by consuming the my four main sources of Protein: Chicken, Tuna, Salmon and my protein shakes I’m finding I’m not craving food all day long like I use to and I don’t get the bloatedness (yesk, I have made-up the word) like I use too. Now this is what works for me, this can’t be backed up with a qualification or claim saying it’s going to work for you as people are different , THIS IS SIMPLY WHAT WORKS FOR ME.

Now you don’t need to go as in-depth at me, I’m only doing this to gain an understanding of how my body operates. I also find I will do it and then drop off for a month or so as you do gain and understanding of what everything is nutritional wise, so you end up knowing your figures and roughly how much you’re consuming. However, I recommend keeping some form of journal or notes so you can pay attention to how your body performs and how mentally motivated you are as this also helps you to determine how much recovery you should allow your body to have, so you can modify your training to compliment this. But, don’t lie. If you have that piece of cake list it and can be confronting some days seeing what you have consumed especially if you tally it up at the end of the day and you have smashed it. I remember when I first started tracking I went out for an afternoon tea meeting with some work colleagues, I ordered an Iced Chocolate and piece of Banana Cake (TIP: girls if you want banana cake… make a healthy one at home, all pre-packed ones are generally the devil, seriously most often than not your actually better off going with a donut! And here I thought I was making a decent healthy choice, WRONG!) and just those two things alone was roughly what my days intake should have been and I had that just for afternoon tea!

No your calories

Know Your Calories

Now I’m not going to lie, there are definitely times I go over with those sneaky night drinks and those sweet treats (Saturday was a prime example of this for me!). In my opinion its all about moderation and knowing your body and setting goals and sticking to them. I’m actually also going on ‘holiday’s for 5 days as of tomorrow to Melbourne and I am going to allow myself to indulge! I’m so excited as personally I haven’t allowed myself to have so many ‘loose’ days in a row, so this should be interesting! Don’t worry I will keep you posted with the highs and lows. Also, I have already checked out where I’m staying and there is a gym – nothing hardcore but I can make do with the basics.


Back on topic tho (I’m a shocker for distractions and going off topic!) … Personally I have found by me being aware of what food and drinks I’m consuming and there nutritional values it does make me think twice about if I really want to eat that Mars bar or drink that milk shake. There are plenty of free apps on your phones out there that track your calories etc. so it may be worthwhile you checking them out just to gain an understanding of what’s worth what.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Just remember I’m not a PT or Nutritionists and am not a fan of quoting ‘GOOGLE’ so all answer will be based around what I know from personal experience etc.

JessE-B xx


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    • Yes, organisation is normally one of my strong points however the last few weeks have been super crazy I haven’t been on my game. Have an assignmnet due Friday which I still havent’ finished EEEKKK! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Sorry it took so long to reply. Hope all is going well 🙂

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