Pros & Cons For Working Out

This post is inspired by Ellen’s recent Pro & Cons list for Hosting The Oscars.
So here it is readers, the list of Pros & Cons for Working out…


Con: It will take at least one hour a day
Pro: You have 23 other hours to play with

Pro: Sweaty buff men in short shorts
Con: Sweaty fat men in short shorts

Con: Your hair will get messy
Pro: You have a socially acceptable excuse for having a bad hair day.

Pro: Your body will change; you will lose fat and gain muscle
Con: Your boobs will shrink
Pro: You can always get a boob job
Con: It will cost moneys

Pro: It will make you stronger
Con: You won’t be able to sit down

Pro: Exercise boosts your energy levels
Con: So does Red Bull and Candy

Pro: You will look hot and sexy for summer
Con: You will be hot and sweaty to get there

Pro: It will work
Con: It’s gonna hurt

Pro: you will sleep better because you will be exhausted
Con: you won’t be able to watch those amazing midnight selling commercials (seriously do you really need that Allen looking Vacuum)

Pro: You will have an excuse to go clothes shopping for your ‘NEW’ body
Con: Not if you bought the Allen looking vacuum


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Do you have any Pros & Cons to add to my list? Comment below!

JessE-B xx


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