Just to further clarify – For those who were ‘away-that-day’

Hello Readers,

I just wanted to clarify I am not a Chef, Dietician, Life Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer or Photographer.


So I’m pretty sure this post will hopefully clarify for those out there who keep wondering if I’m a chef, nutritionist or even a photographer. NO NO and NO. And encase you missed my previous post CLARIFICATION OF MY INFORMATION, I’m not a Life Coach or Personal Trainer. I’m a health conscious girl, who cannot cook (but is working on it), who is dedicated to being the best person I can be physically and mentally.

So for final clarification, this blog is about ME and MY experiences, MY thoughts and MY opinions concerning healthy eating and fitness… I am not a Chef, Life Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer or Photographer.

Prime example, earlier this evening when I was having a relaxing bath I was scrolling through blogs (yes, I read my ipad in the bath – touch wood I have never dropped it in there!) and came across this delicious looking Banana and Berry Pancake recipe. I was going through the ingredients and checking them all off in my head and decided I would make me one for dessert, seeing as tho I’m a sweet tooth and still had room to play with for today’s macros. Anyway it comes time to cook and I’m mashing the banana and whisking the eggs – separately as per instruction and mix in the other ingredients and it’s looking great. Poor it in the pan … OH WAIT, I see where I went wrong … I was suppose to pour roughly 2 teaspoons of the mixture into the pan … Oh well, I poured the whole thing into the pan – and to be fair it was the size of a normal pancake. Everything was going dandy and then it came to the flip time …

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (2)


But don’t worry I’m not completely un-qualified … I have a Cert 2 in Recreational Sport, Cert 3 in Business, a Bachelor of Business – Majoring in Business Management and Marketing and am midst my Masters in Marketing.

Hope this clarifies everyone!
Thanks for reading.
Please let me know if you have any thoughts or anything you want my completely un-qualified yet fully-experienced and honest opinion on.



11 responses to “Just to further clarify – For those who were ‘away-that-day’

  1. still looks delicious! if you’re a sweet tooth the berry quinoa porridge is naturally sweet but healthy! thanks for showing me your post of the pancakes 🙂

    • It definitely was delicious, what a fantastic sweet fix and the macro’s aren’t to shabby which is awesome! No worries, wanted to show you I did use your recipe! hehe

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and for the Like ! You don’t need to be a Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Dietician or Photographer to inspire and promote health, well being and just being a Bad Ass! People need to know that working out and taking care of yourself is a happy thing that can be enjoyed by anyone. Great job and I am now a Follower ❤

  3. Thanks so much for the like! Your post had me laughing all the way through. Cooking takes practice and so don’t feel bad if your pancakes fell apart. (I need more work on my pancake flipping, too. And I tend to burn the stupid things!) ^_* I write about cooking on my Blog every now and then. 🙂

    • I’m glad you found me entertaining hehe … Well people definitely won’t be seeing gourmet, and amazing looking food on my page, personally i’m happy if the food doesn’t catch fire and burn haha … Fabulous! Please tell me yours is ‘idiot-proof’ so I have a shot of getting it right! haha

      • haha I haven’t put up any recipes yet, but I should…I suggest starting off making one dish and then moving onto two. I know how stressful it can be multitasking in the kitchen–I’ve burned things that way! Get really confident with a dish and then you will be able to predict the right cooking times and prep, etc.
        Do you like baking? Maybe that’s your avenue!

    • I’m so glad I can be your personal comedian lovely hehe … Hopefully my latest one is just as funny! hehe 🙂 – I don’t do omelettes haha I always end up with scrambled eggs

  4. Hey, this is Pri from fitlikepri, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award!

    for more info about it go check out the blog itselfhttp://priyashashri.wordpress.com/2013/09/14/the-liebster-award/
    hope you decide to join in 🙂

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