Cinderella – Proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life

During TOUGH MUDDER unfortunately my runners didn’t make it and as a result left me having to use my old back up runners. After looking at shows online, I decided I wanted to buy a pair of shoes in person… Well I’m pleased to report over the weekend I have finally gotten my hands on my glass slippers, I mean trainers.

photo 1

My New Nike Shoes

I ended up going with a pair of Nike Free Run 2’s which were on sale at the Nike Outlet at Harbour Town on the Gold Coast. And of course because I am a girl I did get the matching shorts and sports bra (matchy matchy).

photo 2

New Gear #changeroomselfies

I had been tossing up for if I want runners or gym trainers,. Well I ended up getting a combination of the two (according to the sales guy – but perhaps he was just telling me what I wanted to hear and to make me buy the shows) either way, they are awesome. Although now I’m thinking a girl can never have enough shoes, so perhaps now that I know my size with Nike perhaps I should order some online, you know I could do with a pair of coral or pink shoes…

So does anyone know any good places that are reasonably priced for Nike? Please let me know!

Bye for now,


JessE-B xx

photo 3

First Training Session With My New Shoes


10 responses to “Cinderella – Proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life

  1. I love my Nike Free Runs! I need new ones too. Let me know if you find a place that sells them for a reasonable price.

  2. Love the shoes! I really want to do a challenge like Tough Mudder, I was actually going to do Stampede this weekend in Brisbane but decided I should wait as I’m going overseas next week and if I broke something before I went I would be in trouble, haha! But I would like to know your experience with tough mudder, though, what was involved, how long did it take, what was the best bit and how much extra training was involved before hand, etc. Maybe one of your future posts could be on this? Happy blogging 🙂

    • Hey There! Why thankyou for stopping by! Good idea on waiting, would hate to have gotten an injury! Brilliant idea for a post, I will most definetly write about it! I will let you know once I do :)It was such an amazing experience! Hard work tho but totally worth it!! Thankyou, you too! Ps. If your located in Brisbane (like me) the NEON run is coming up in oct and sounds awesome!!

  3. Nikes are great. Bought a pair of free 4.0 v2 some months ago and im mindblown, it feels like im floatin. However because theyre so soft the paint gets chipped off quick, and sometimes when performing some type of an exercise in which your pressing on the ground (squat, deadlift) it gets kinda slippery and you dont feel that stable.

    • Hey There! I’m still tossing up what my next pair will be .. . I have found mine to be a bit squeaky on tiles but I’m not sure if that has something to do with the coating on my gym mats at home :-/ that’s no good about the paint chipping and then being slippery. Nike’s always are amazing to wear, by far my favorite for comfort and support.

      • theyre amazing for running, walking, but with weights you need something thats more stable, like chucks, or nikes that have harder sole, their zoom line or maybe their air span line, you remember the older running shoes that used to be “normal” no soft sole. I like nike too, would invest in their weightlifting shoes, qualitiy plus they look hella dope 😀 And yes the paint started chippin in the front, but that because i lift weights in htem and ofcourse doing pushups when your front part of the shoe is kinda twsited, thats what causes the paint to chip.

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