My Healthy 3:30itish Cures

I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and making healthy snacks as I am a grazer. I particularly try and come up with ‘healthy’ snacks that will hit the spot come 3:30itis. Ones that will crave my sweet tooth as well as being able to get me through to dinner time.

I often will find a recipe and then add or change ingredients to suit me that align with my nutritional requirements ( #iifym )

Here is a few on my favorite healthy snack creations…

• Banana Cake

photo (2)

• Carrot, Beetroot, Banana & Walnut Muffins

photo 4

• Muesli Crackles

photo 2

 • Berry Muffins



7 responses to “My Healthy 3:30itish Cures

  1. Your cooking is always so good Jess! Developing those skills now that you’ve ‘left the nest’ haha Yummmy!!!

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