My Healthy Eating @ The Ekka

Today I went to the Ekka (Brisbane Show Day) with my gorgeous family and wait for it … I managed to eat ‘Healthy’.


How you might ask? Simple. I packed my snacks and lunch.
So not only was I being healthy but I was saving money at the same time!
Today’s packed lunch consisted of:
Morning Tea – Strawberries, Apricots and Almonds
Lunch – Curried Egg and lettuce sandwich
Afternoon Tea – Carrot, Beetroot and walnut muffin
I kept my fluids up by drinking lots of water and packed an ice brick and keeping my snacks in an insulated bag so they stayed nice and cool.

I attempted the ‘water balls’ failed terribly and looked completely out of place with all the little people, but one of my sister’s Millie conned me into it. I felt like I was in a mouse wheel. All in good fun tho!

EKKA 2013 124    EKKA 2013 125

Not going to lie, I bought two Show Bags: The Woman’s Health and Darrell Lea’s Pig Out. Its all about moderation right!

I had a great day out with my family, I have included a few snaps below..

EKKA 2013 027
EKKA 2013 172
Till next time

p.s. track my lunch box by clicking here


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