Yeah … I lift

I’m often asked what I do towards having my active lifestyle, so here it is

1) I Run

For me running is my thing, it’s my ‘down-time’ where I can just have ‘ME’ time. I will run when I’m happy, I will run when I’m sad, I will run when I’m angry, even when I’m mad. I always run for me. Now when I mean run, I mean actually foot to pavement or ground, not a treadmill. There is just something about being outdoors that I come alive. I’m absolutely useless running on a treadmill. Personal preference.


2) I Lift

Yes girls I do weights at gym and NO I am not ripped like an action man doll (myth: BUSTED). I want muscle, I want to be strong. My normal gym routine includes: Squats, Bench, Deadlift, Over-Head-Press, Lateral Raises, Bend-Over-Rows and Curls.

photo 1

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